Quanzhou Yongxin Sportswear Factory Ltd.

Specification &  Capacity


      Outdoor garments factory with 400 workers.

      10 production lines dedicated for woven garments, such as seam-sealing jackets, down jackets, windproof jackets, 2 in 1 jackets, quilted jackets and pants.

      2 production lines dedicated for knitted garments, such as 2nd layer knitted jackets, fleece jackets, sports base layer T-shirts and underwear.


    12 production lines, producing 120,000 pcs per month.

    The factory operates on 16000 SQM area including:

    merchandiser office, sample room, cutting line, material warehouse

    Warehouse storing finished products with area 6000 SQM

    Showroom presenting collections with area 1000 SQM


Company Name:Quanzhou Yongxin Sportswear Factory Ltd. Company Add:  Shuangyang Qipaiwang Industrial Zone, 4th floor east, Luojiang District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China Phone:+86-595-29010586 Email:Info@yongxinsports.com.cn