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Consumers leading clothing market

publisher:admin Release time:2017-04-07 10:27

Participants in the clothing market more and more, the brand competition is increasingly fierce, consumer more selective fading, the initiative has been transferred to the consumer's hands. Is now a promotional also may not be able to move the heart of the consumer, because of consumer concern is no longer just the price, the products and prices, consumers in the clothing brand new requirements are put forward. Original brand want solid market position, need to consumers as the center, the new brand want to expand the market, also want to consumers as the center. So consumer market now what?


Consumer demand and grade change


Nowadays, consumers not only with the improvement of economic conditions, consumer demand and taste rise, and they had become more informed, compared with the era of network to promote, make consumers virtually formed a broad coalition. Consumers can easily get lots of information on the Internet, including clothing, household products, and on various websites, BBS and blog at any time use the feedback and information sharing. Can say now consumers are no longer just the consumption fashion products, also for clothing product research and development and upgrading has played a strong role in promoting, but also plays a clothing brand real builder and the owner in the future.


Consumers to dominate the market era


As the saying goes: "the customer is supreme", now the brand is no longer on high, the consumer is the god. In today's clothing market environment, any brand if simply according to their inference to formulating brand strategy, to satisfy the consumer experience, means that the risk and error. Clothing brands to get consumers' identity, one of the best way is to let the consumer to participate in the brand construction, by offering their own ideas and practices.


For consumers to participate in marketing


Now the factors that affect consumers decide to buy behavior, is not only a product and brand, also includes "finishing" the promotion action. The arrival of network times, changed the traditional marketing way of promotion, through various media advertising, consumers unconsciously can get some useful information of the products. For clothing brands, therefore, can now attract consumer promotions, or provide more services for consumers, more value, or can give consumers a chance to try. Imagine, consumer is no longer a passive, but participants, advisor, and even decision makers, Pepsi center, incentives for interactive games, the consequences is that promotional content could change dramatically.