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Clothing brand construction: culture is the core, the qualit

publisher:admin Release time:2017-01-18 11:14

Clothing brand set a good brand image is the key to grab the consumer, first must have its own brand connotation, the construction of enterprise culture is the core. Have the connotation to win the love of consumers and recognition have to depend on the nature of the product, so as to set up enterprise's core competitiveness, standing in the fierce market competition.


Cultural construction is the core


Match the strategy at the core of the clothing brand culture construction, is the establishment of clothing enterprise vision and core values. Vision is based on the external environment and enterprise's own conditions by means of long-term goals. And core values is the enterprise to realize their own vision to stick to the basic ideas and code of conduct, for example, people-oriented, good faith can be as the enterprise's core values.


From the concrete contents, the essences of clothing brand culture construction should focus on innovation, leadership, responsibility and power performance, ability to promote four aspects. First of all, innovation is the soul of enterprise development, lack of innovation of enterprise must be a lack of activity are not competitive, unsustainable development of the enterprise. Therefore, innovation is the first stop of enterprise culture construction, excellent enterprise culture is a culture with innovation ability in the first place.


Clothing enterprise management end its purpose, is for the performance, for the performance, the so-called "bustling world, all for, bustling world, all is a benefit". Establish performance oriented culture is the enterprise culture construction of a large basis points.


High quality product is the biggest advantage


As the saying goes, "seiko work", but "seiko" is a high quality. In the social necessary labor time endogenous output high quality products, this is the biggest advantage of clothing enterprise competition. Clothing product quality should be always clothing enterprise of the most important one annulus. No quality, no clothing enterprise development? Clothing enterprises should develop, must take the quality as the prerequisite. A successful clothing enterprise, its product quality is certainly pass, let people trust. If there is a clothing enterprise to opportunistic, muddle through, then one day will be planted a big hurdle. Therefore, clothing enterprises must strictly the quality pass, complete the details of every step of production, in order to strengthen the management of quality supervision, avoid destroyed one hundred reputation for quality problem.


Clothing enterprises in the fierce competitive environment is the key to winning, is to build a better competition ability, this is a clothing enterprise in the strategy implementation basis points to consider. Therefore, how to make enterprises more adapt to market competition, promote the formation of the competitive ability has become the starting point of the enterprise culture construction. That is to say, the construction of enterprise culture must be to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises as the fundamental purpose, otherwise all else is false, useless.