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Dress collocation intense color to cooperate

publisher:admin Release time:2017-01-18 11:20

Nowadays people on the collocation of clothing is more and more exquisite, but if the match is not reasonable, especially the collocation of color) can produce contrary to their desired effect. Here introduces a few clothing colorific collocation in the law


1. The same color collocation


This is one of the most simple and most basic color matching method. Similar color hue refers to a series of the same or similar, produced by the brightness change and shading different shades of color. Such as: blue sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with cream-colored, such as scarlet with pale red, similar color matching clothing appear downy elegant. Similar color collocation can achieve the effect of dignified, calm and steady, apply to the mature female elegant temperament.


2. The similar color is tie-in


Similar color as the color wheel adjacent colour within about 90 degrees. Such as red and orange, orange and yellow green, yellow, green, and green, green and blue color are similar. Low purity color more easily with other colors coordinate with each other, which makes the increased interpersonal harmony cordial feeling, which helps to form the pattern of the cooperative work. In addition, you can use low purity color easy to match the characteristics of the clothing collocation gives rich combination of co., LTD. Similar changes color to match clothes more, and still can obtain association unified effect.


3. Strong color is tie-in


The color of the two are far apart. For example, rice yellow and purple; The red and green. Generally speaking, if the same color with white collocation, can appear bright; With black when it is dark. So when making clothing colour collocation should weigh, you is to highlight which part of the clothing. Don't put the cool color, for example: dark brown, purple and black collocation, this will present and black "rob color" consequences, there's no point to make a complete set of clothing, and the overall performance of clothing also can appear very heavy, dark colorless. The collocation of black and yellow are the most bright eye, the collocation of red and black, very grand, but do not lose lasting appeal.


4. The complementary color is tie-in


The color of the two relatively. For example: red and green; Blue and orange; Black and white. Complementary color match can form bright contrast, have the feeling that find everything new and fresh.