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Clothes drying techniques

publisher:admin Release time:2017-01-18 11:19

Silk clothing:

After wash to dry in a cool ventilated place, and the best reverse side outwards. Because silk clothing sunlight resistance is poor, so can't directly in the sunlight exposure, otherwise it will cause fabric fade,

The intensity of decline. Darker or more bright-coloured color clothing especially pay attention to this. In addition, avoid by all means is roasted with fire silk garments.

Pure cotton, cotton and linen garments:

This kind of clothes can be spread out in the sun direct sun commonly, because this kind of fiber strength hardly in the sun down, or a slight decline, but not out of shape. However, in order to avoid fade, reverse side outwards.

Chemical fiber fabrics of clothing:

Chemical fiber clothes, unfavorable exposure in the sun. Because of the acrylic fiber is easy to change color yellow after exposure; Polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber and synthetic fiber under the sunlight exposure, fiber aging; Dacron, villeneuve in

Under the action of the sun will accelerate fiber photochemical decomposition, affecting the service life of fabric. So, chemical fiber clothes to dry in the shade as well.

Woollen clothing:

After washing also to put in a cool ventilated place, make its natural air, and to reverse side outwards. Because the surface of the wool fiber as the scale layer, its external natural oil amine film give soft to the wool fiber

The luster. If placed in sunlight, oil amine on the surface of the film will be due to the high temperature oxidation and deterioration, which seriously affect the appearance and service life.

Sweater, sweater, knitted fabrics such as clothing:

In order to prevent deformation of this kind of clothes, can put them into the net after washing, hang to dry in ventilated place; Or use two hangers hanging when dry, in order to avoid the heavy suspension and deformation; You can also use bamboo rod or plastic pipe string up to dry; Conditional word, can be flat out to dry on other objects. In a word, to avoid exposure or roasted