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Companies manage to read:

Enterprise's core philosophy: enjoy a quality life.

Mission: to let all people feel proud and proud.

Values: honesty, customer oriented, professional dedication, teamwork, personal growth.

Design concept: people-oriented, customer first, respect the design, design is the productive forces.

Business philosophy: achievement consumers will achievement.

Management idea: with qualitative repaid, honesty by affection and moving, moving fact-finding mission, to create the tacit understanding in the specification, create efficiency in the tacit understanding.

Action idea:! Speed up! Results!!!!!

0.1 greater than 0: a poor result is better than no strong results.

= results: task execution is the result not to complete the task.

Executive talent three criteria: keep promise, result oriented, never say die.

Innovative concept: you beyond today?

Team concept: tolerance, communication, consensus, and mutual assistance.

Interest and motivation concept: pay total have return, do the best to do.


Core values:

Honesty: honesty is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is also the human moral bottom line, people without a letter can't stand this, oneself first before acting.

Customer orientation: warmth and extraordinary experience for the customer creation is fundamental to our survival, communication. Cooperation. A win-win situation.

Professional dedication: treatment enterprise should have high sense of responsibility, you can do today until tomorrow, their things onto others, not responsible for the result, both the system and abide by the company follow the work flow, arrange priorities, to do everything.

Teamwork: we are a whole, every employee is our family, colleagues, partners, and we love to support the side each a colleague, don't care about personal gain or loss, the team interests above all else, mutual respect between colleagues, mutual humility. Don't speak unconfirmed things, not to spread negative comments, mutual support between teams, encourage competition, and create a win-win, teach and learn, improve together, build a harmonious atmosphere, strengthen team cohesion. Don't abandon, don't give up, I = team.

Self growth: keep learning, change a little bit every day, learn self-discipline, do self review every day, believe me is the root of all, believe in possibilities, for his own behavior to high-standard, regularly check to urge oneself, strengthen their own moral character accomplishment, make oneself grow up to have the ideal high quality people.